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What are Forestar WPC decking and others made of?

The raw material of Forestar WPC decking and others: 60% bamboo powder, 28% HDPE, 12% additive. It is co-extruded with a polyethylene top layer for ultra low-maintenance performance. We can also adjust the formula of raw material according to your request.

Where can Forestar WPC decking and others be used?

Forestar WPC decking and others can be used in virtually any type of outdoor area near water, such as boardwalks and docks. Forestar WPC decking and others cannot be used for any structural support members.

How long will the texture last?

Foot traffic, traffic patterns, objects like furniture dragged on the surface, weather exposure, cleaning products used, frequency of cleaning especially with commercial pressure washers (not recommended), will all affect the factory surface finish of Forestar WPC decking and others.

Do Forestar WPC decking and others fade?

Forestar WPC decking and others will lighten over time to a beautiful, weathered tone within the same color family. This color-tone shift is dependent upon exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. The weathering process begins upon installation and is generally complete within 60 to 90 days. Based on independent test research, it has been determined that Forestar WPC decking and others will experience virtually no fading as it is co-extruded with a durable outer shell.

Do Forestar WPC decking and others provide good traction in wet or dry conditions?

Yes, Forestar WPC decking and others are slip resistant.

Is your product made from waste material(s)?

Yes. Forestar WPC decking and others are made from 90% recycled materials, of which, 30% is post consumer in origin. Forestar WPC decking and others have one of the highest recycled materials content in the composite landscape board industry.

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Shanghai Dovetail Joinery Company adheres to the service philosophy of "We derive everything from customers and we will do everything for customers". We will focus on customers and fulfil customers' needs and requirements with the fastest speed, excellent skills, and best manner.

Our Products

Our wood composite has a brain which provides natural tread to help prevent slipping. our wood composite comes in a large variety of lengths to reduce cost and waste. Composite wood decks have a long lifespan that will add value to you home at resale.

Our company's reputation for excellence and integrity is supported by honors we have received, such as the national Presidential Award for Excellence in Exporting and yearly Quality Awards in our home state. Manufacturing processes are closely controlled and are ISO 9000 compliant. Our business philosophy is Total Quality Management, from monitoring our own performance to strategic planning and results measurement.

At Dovetail Joinery we understand that being at the wood plastic composite when it comes to service. We take great pride in our work, our attention to detail and turnaround times at a fair price. Our sevice team are just like you, dependable, reliable members who share your pride in our industry, as well as a keenness to provide a first class service. Like one of our company values, our representatives understand that our word is our bond, if we say we are going to do something – we do it, because we know that our reputation relies on it and that we are only as good as our last job.

Shanghai Dovetail Joinery works on the research and develop of the wood-plastic and PVC materials. Core foreign technology has been introduced in to improve the material components and processing method, which makes great contributions to the functional improvement of our current raw material and its products.


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